Frequenty Asked Questions

Why choose a solo practitioner instead of a firm?

This is a common question. A partnerships with Hensarling Law is advantageous because we have the experience to handle a wide variety of cases with the flexibility and personal service that large firms often can’t provide. J.D. Hensarling has fourteen years of experience in large and medium-sized firms and in-house experience in a Fortune 5 company. He’s learned from from the best and brightest and has experienced complex legal issues at the highest levels. Being a solo practitioner allows us the flexibility to take a variety of cases and represent parties on either side of a dispute. We have the flexibility to bring in assistance from specialty lawyers with the expertise to
resolve cases our clients’ advantage. Without the commitments of a large firm, Hensarling Law can focus on your matter, giving it the full attention it requires.

Does Hensarling Law have the experience to handle my claim?

Most likely. J.D. spent ten years in two of the largest, most prestigious law firms in Houston, Texas and Washington D.C. He spent four years in one of Raleigh’s most well respected mid-sized firms and worked for two years in the litigation department of the country’s largest telecom company. He has represented parties in disputes in a wide variety of industries. In the rare instance we determines we cannot handle your matter alone, Hensarling Law will bring in the resources needed to assist or, after consultation with you, refer your case to counsel with the particular expertise

Does my dispute have to end up in litigation?

No. Hensarling Law works hard with clients to try to resolve matters and avoid litigation if possible. But, if litigation is necessary, our team will represent you efficiently, zealously and professionally.

Is litigation is always expensive?

Not necessarily; it depends on the issues involved. Hensarling Law has resolved some matters prior to initiating litigation or at the outset of litigation. If litigation is engaged or inevitable, we will craft an approach and strategy with the client that takes into account the client’s goals, the amount in controversy, the client’s resources and the nature of the claims. This is an approach that has proven extremely effective for many clients in the past.

E-discovery: it doesn’t apply to my case, does it?

It probably does. Do you have a computer at your work or home that you use to send and receive e-mails or create and store documents? Do you use an iPhone, Blackberry or other “smart phone” device to communicate? Does the party on the other side of the dispute use any of this technology? If the answer is “yes,” you probably have e-discovery issues we need to discuss.

E-discovery: is so expensive that it will consume my full litigation budget?

Not necessarily. If your situation is assessed by the Hensarling Law team early enough, we may be able to avoid a substantial amount of unnecessary costs and protect you from potential sanctions by a court for destruction or loss
of data. We’ve worked successfully with clients to craft strategies to effectively and efficiently tackle e-discovery issues and to keep costs down.

E-discovery: I can wait to deal with e-discovery issues, correct?

No. Often, a party’s duty to preserve electronically stored information (ESI) is triggered even before a lawsuit is filed. As soon as you have notice that a situation may result in litigation, please contact us so we can consult with you about your preservation duties and spoliation avoidance.